After watching a guy in the vlogging his iPad install in his car (here), I’ve been inspired to do the same thing. So far, reading and looking about I’ve compiled the following list of bits:

  • iPad 16GB 3G (ordered, en route)
  • Camera Connection Kit (ordered)
  • Cables To Go 22327 USB 5.1 Audio Adapter (ordered)
  • 12v -> 5V 2.5A regulator (parts ordered)
  • W. iPod Breakout/Extender PCB with 1 soldered connector (
  • Audison Bit One (ordered)

The only thing I really need to look into is the charging, from what I understand of the pinouts, I should be able to supply my 5V to the USB power and the USB audio adapter should bring the data pins high, causing the unit to charge. I’ve emailed the soundman guys to see if they’ve managed to get it working yet.

More posts as bits arrive.