Having spent some considerable time browsing through the app store for the iPad, I thought I’d publish the list of apps I’ve found fun, useful or just plain cool.

Weather HD ($1.19 AUD) – as it sounds, a weather app designed for the iPad, with some nice animations 🙂

AirVideo ($3.99 AUD) – when used with the companion application (windows or Mac) you can stream video from your pc to the iPad, with the app doing h264 transcoding on the fly. Works well 🙂

BeejiveIM ($7.99) – obligatory IM client. Supports msn, jabber etc.

Newsrack ($5.99) – a no frills RSS reader, with google reader support

Twitteriffic (Free) – what I believe to be the best Twitter client on the iPad (I can’t stand tweetdeck, never have)

Kindle/iBooks (Free) – both extremely capable e-reader applications, with the kindle probably slightly nicer to use.

Wired magazine ($5.99) – simply the best “online” magazine I’ve ever seen, it really shines on the iPad, extremely recommended.

Tap Tap Radiation (Free) – iPad version of the very popular guitar heroish game available on the iPhone.. Seriously fun 🙂

Epicurious (Free) – take the hassle out of finding something to cook! This app is extremely well laid out and seems to have a very good repository of recipes.

Adobe Ideas (Free) – great productivity app, good for sketching down ideas etc, or to draw with if you’re bored. 🙂

Well I hope that helps you guys and perhaps saves you from having to manually look through the app store to find that next favorite app. 🙂