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My thoughts about the iPad

Well, now all the whirlwind about the new iPad has died down, I wanted to make some comments about what I thought about the launch, as well as the iPad itself.

I’ll admit– like a lot people I was initially underwhelmed, but as time went on, I started to get the idea.. The iPad isn’t about the tablet itself. it’s about defining the form-factor and enabling a whole new avenue for application and content creators to do new and exciting things.

The application that *really* caught my eye during the keynote was the MLB application.. now I’m not a baseball fan– but the example this thing sets is awesome. Imagine this as an application for the AFL or Cricket.. watch the game while having instant access to replays or in-game statistics, quizzes etc– or even put little sensors on the their jumpers and have a topological view of all the players on the field at any time.

Another awesome app would be the ability to surf/control your media library and have it play on your Television either through your apple TV or Media Centre.. I know what you’re thinking– “Use one of the media remote applications on the iPhone!”, but that’s not the point, imagine flicking through your movie collection, reading about it and just tapping on it and bam, it starts playing on your TV. You could have one-tap access to the synopsis, reviews, cast information (IMDB)– I think it’s a killer application.

So you can either complain about what the iPad doesn’t have or doesn’t do, or you can be excited and contemplate all of the awesome applications and experiences this device will enable.

Dear FOX, We hate you.

It seems that whenever I get particularly attached to any kind of television show, some retarded TV network comes along and decides it’s a *brilliant* idea to cancel it.

The latest ‘victim’ is Dollhouse which has been canceled due to ‘poor ratings’. This decision sucks, for the following reasons:

  1. They put it in the Friday Night Timeslot
    There was no way the show was really going to succeed in this timeslot. It’s where TV shows go to die. Dollhouse was put here from the beginning so it never had a chance.
  2. Piss-poor promotion.
    There was so little hype surrounding Dollhouse than no-one tuned in initially because they knew nothing about it. Due to the fact this show actually has an involving story line, people would’ve struggled to pick it up mid-stream.
  3. Piss-poor distribution
    I live in Australia and whilst I don’t watch much FTA Television, I don’t think Dollhouse was even aired here, which stinks. They wonder why TV piracy is so rampant, I would’ve never gotten the chance to see the show if it weren’t for it. It’s a bit of a double edged sword actually, because whilst the TV studios continue to walk around with their heads in their asses, Shows like this with a huge online cult following, die, because they don’t recognise the Internet as a ‘valid medium’ and refuse to take it seriously

So I’ll continue to be completely disillusioned by the TV industry, while they keep cancelling great, original, thought provoking TV shows and keep utter shit like LOST and Survivor running.

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